Quality Control

quality control

Quality control is the key to our successful contract manufacturing but also plays a large role in our automation division.  Every part number that is manufactured goes through our quality control department – starting from receiving the order     through shipping to the customer.

A typical part flow with Quality Control would be as follows:

  • Order is received for a new part
  • Material is ordered
  • Print is reviewed by Quality Supervisor so that required gages are on hand before the part is set up
  • Inspection sheets are created for both the Quality department as well as shop floor
  • Print, process sheet, job sheet, tooling list and inspection sheet are given to the setup operator
  • Material is received and certified to be correct
  • Part is set up on assigned machine
  • First Piece is inspected 100% before production starts
  • During production, Quality Control inspects in process for each shift
  • Also during production, the operator checks first piece, last piece and several in between on each bar that is run through the machine.  Tight tolerance dimensions are checked 100% as they come off the machine
  • A sample of each lot is inspected 100% to verify all dimensions meet the drawing requirements
  • First Article Report is created and shipped with parts
  • Parts are packaged and shipped to the customer

A dedicated engineer tracks all gages and equipment used in the inspection processes and verifies they are calibrated to NIST Standards.  All inspection equipment is calibrated once per year and items that are used on a daily basis are calibrated every 6 months to insure high quality parts are being manufactured.  Each gage is monitored in our gaging software and when calibration is due, the gage is removed from the floor until calibration has been completed.

SPC capabilities are available only upon request.

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