Two pallets allow non-stop, uninterrupted running such that one pallet can be accessed while the other pallet is being loaded/unloaded by the robot. Easy access to machine tool through sliding door with machine tool controls always accessible. Parts can be vertical or horizontal.

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  • Can be easily accommodated to load/unload virtually any machine tool – lathes, mill, grinders, EDMs, etc.
  • Handles all spindles up to a 20” operator reach, and from 30” to 45” high
  • Works with left hand (L) or right hand (R) controls on machine tool
  • FANUC M-10iA Robot for small to medium sized parts. Robot capacity is 22 lbs including end effector.
  • Cells designed to require minimal floor space but still allow access to the front of the machine tool - no sliding equipment away to service machine tool. Safety interlocked guarding allows complete access to machine tool or automation cell
  • Robot collision guard software option
  • Safety guarding around robot cell – meets RIA & OSHA Safety Standards
  • Standard dual pallet input/output solution is included in base system cost.  Various alternative input/output solutions available upon request. (conveyors, gravity chutes, bowl feeders, etc.)
  • Parts can be vertical or horizontal in pallets, with vertical arrangements offering larger part quantities per pallet
  • Single gripper (EOAT) is provided with blank gripper jaws - see "OPTIONS" for different configurations
  • Continuous machining cycle w/ dual pallet input - operator can reload one pallet as robot continues to load/unload parts from the other pallet
  • Complete access to machine tool control panel while in operation
  • User friendly programming with the FANUC robot
  • Easy to adapt for different work pieces
  • Cell is reusable & reprogrammable for alternative applications
  • Cell is assembled, programmed, and tested before delivery using generic pallets, parts, and EOAT
  • Guaranteed JH Robotics & FANUC support
  • Operator training and runoff at JH Robotics included in price
  • Various alternative input/output solutions available upon request. (conveyors, gravity chutes, bowl feeders, etc.)
  • Cells are designed and constructed to best suit the customer’s need, i.e. queue time, floor space, part size & weight versus robot model, various optional inputs, etc.
  • Turnkey automation for your parts (suggested for first time purchasers) - NO metal cutting unless by seperate order
  • Modular pallet input/output two (2) 16” x 16” size pallets, 1 for input and 1 for output, or both for input with an optional conveyor or chute output. Two pallets each hold up to 100 1” diameter parts in vertical position. With a conveyor or chute output, up to 200 1” diameter parts can be loaded in the vertical position.
  • Dual gripper (EOAT) for simultaneous load/unload (Can use 20 lb payload or double grip configuration when doing load/unload and end effector has both parts - FANUC 10kg option)
  • Dual linear 2-jaw assembly for gripping parts on the diameter – parts must be horizontal in pallets
  • Dual 3-jaw assembly for gripping parts on end – parts vertical in pallets
  • Dual rotating gripper for reversing parts to machine the opposite end
  • Can accommodate secondary operations based on cycle times such as washing, inspecting/gauging, deburring, component assembly, labeling or vision systems
  • A second set of shelves can be added above the first set to double the capacity depending on part type, etc.
  • A light tower for the cell


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