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Leading the Way in Machine Tending Robot Integration

From automating simple single cell CNC operations with our pre-engineered JHR-Series robots, to fully automating the manufacturing floor through multi-cell integrations, JH Robotics is leading the way in helping manufacturers realize the cost savings, increased throughput and quality, and safety benefits of integrating machine tending robots.

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Why Automate Machine Tending?

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Dual JHR-150 Machine Tending System | FANUC Robot Pre-engineered Robot Systems

1st Operation Robot picks blank part from input tray, loads part into gripper on cross-slide then unloads the finished 1st Operation part from the chuck. Gripper on cross-slide loads part into chuck oriented axially with respect to the gear teeth and with minimal loading clearance. Robot on 1st Operation machine hands off semi-finished part to robot on the 2nd Operation machine to eliminate operator handling between 1st & 2nd operations. 2nd Operation Robot takes semi-finished part from hand off and proceeds to unload the fully finished part from the ID chuck and then load the semi-finished part for the 2nd Operation turning cycle. Fully finished parts are placed on an output tray in the 2nd Operation machine..

Industries We Serve

  • Aerospace

    In an industry where production run errors can result in catastrophic failures, JH Robotics can bring repeatable cycling to your aerospace manufacturing process.

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  • Alternative Energy

    The alternative energy industry is estimated to expand by over 300% in the next 5 years. Make sure your operations are streamlined and prepared for the growth by introducing robotics to your alternative energy manufacturing facility.

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  • Automotive

    Automotive leaders rely on the robotics industry to lower production costs, save company overhead and bring the manufacturing process back to the USA.

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  • Firearms

    JH Robotics has worked with leading ammunition and firearms manufacturers to automation their manufacturing processes and keep up with increasing demand.

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  • Consumer Goods

    As more North American companies bring re-shore their manufacturing facilities, JH Robotics has been at the forefront of helping companies automate their consumer goods manufacturing process.

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  • Food & Beverage

    In an industry where food safety and health can ruin a reputation, adding robotics to the food and beverage production cycle can save your company in a variety of ways.

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  • Medical

    JH Robotics has been designing, building, and integrating automated assembly, testing, and validation systems for medical and healthcare manufacturers since the inception of the company.

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Leading the Way in Factory Automation Since 1983

JH Robotics has over 34 years of automation experience in designing, building and integrating both robotic and non robotic custom machines. Our team is highly trained in the integration of complete assembly lines, electrical panels, HMI's, PLC's, vision systems, material handling systems, conveyor systems, fixtures, nests, and tooling. Please choose a process below to learn more about how automation can benefit your company.

As an authorized FANUC robotics integrator and a registered ITAR certified facility, there's no automation task we can't handle. Learn all we're capable of by watching the video above or learn more about our Full Capabilities.

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