Cost Savings

Every manufacturer knows that high production costs directly translate to lower profits.  Even the most profitable businesses across the world are always on the lookout for ways to cut costs without compromising quality.  Every business owner also knows that their labor force accounts for the majority of overhead costs associated with their operations.

A manufacturing robot doesn’t require anything more than to be programmed once to perform a process and then perfectly perform that process 24/7, even when the factory lights go out.  With only minimal ongoing maintenance, a robot only needs to be paid for once.

Quick Return on Your Investment

While the cost of installing a robot into your manufacturing process can seem significant to a small manufacturing outfit, the return on your investment (ROI) is quickly realized.  A company that integrates automation into their production line can expect an ROI on their robot installation in just six months to a year.

More companies are also realizing that multiple tasks along the manufacturing line can be linked together in one compact, automated production cell.  Grippers, conveyors, material removing robots and assembly robots all work in harmony to dramatically reduce cycle times, lower overhead costs and increase output.

Beyond Cost Savings to Higher Profitablitiy

While cost saving is, and should be, an important factor for any decision in a business, choosing to automate offers long term company savings with a distinct advantage.  Your manufacturing process will become even more profitable while enjoying the benefit of reduced labor through an increase in through-put, higher product quality and the reassignment of employees to more profitable tasks within the manufacturing process.

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