Factory Automation For Firearm & Ammunition Manufacturers

The economic growth of America’s firearms and ammunition industries in recent years has been nothing short of remarkable.  The rapid growth of this industry has allowed for more factories in the US to be built as demand has skyrocketed.  To meet this demand, JH Robotics has been at the forefront of the growth of the firearms and ammunition industry by deploying robotic installations in forward thinking manufacturing facilities that wish to keep up with this ever expanding market. 

Integrating robots into your manufacturing process not only allows firearms and ammunition manufacturers to keep up with demand but also drastically decrease workplace accidents and worker risk during the manufacturing process.

Watch Our Custom Magazine Loading Ammunition Cell in Action

Our Robotics Integration Team is Experienced in:

  • Vision inspection, measurement check systems, guidance systems
  • Scalable automation to keep up with demand spikes
  • Non-synchronous and synchronous assembly systems
  • Both military and law enforcement robotics applications
  • Milling, turning and deburring robotics
  • Automated part feeders
  • Experience with Mil-Spec standards
  • Modular systems for maximum flexibility
  • Hands on training after installation
  • JH Robotics is an ITAR registered company

Firearms and Ammunitions Robotic Applications

Many phases of the firearms production process can be handled by robotic applications.  These processes include:

  • Gun sight and sight base manufacturing
  • Gas block manufacturing
  • Fire controls manufacturing
  • Hammer manufacturing
  • Barrel machining
  • Magazine manufacturing
  • Bolt handle manufacturing
  • Safety mechanism manufacturing
  • trigger mechanisim manufacturing
  • Stock manufacturing

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Our team of engineers, designers and integrators have the experience to successfully integrate automation into your firearms and munitions manufacturing process.   With over 30 years of experience in the robotics industry we’ve become the experts that manufacturers rely on when it comes to automation.  Call us today at 607-729-3758 or visit our online estimate form to get started on making your company more productive, more profitable, and running lean.

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