Deburring / Deflashing / Chamfering

JH Robotics has experience with automation cells involving both the Deburring and the Deflashing processes.  Typically, a FANUC Robot is utilized to pick a raw casting or other part from an input system and then present the part to a Deflashing tool or to a Deburring head.  All parts are inspected to make sure the flashing is removed and the Deburring operation is to customer specification. The FANUC Robot will then place the finished part onto an output system. 

A typical Deburring / Deflashing cell design process is as follows:

  • How to input raw parts into the cell
  • How to Queue them
  • Techniques to grip the parts
  • Selection of proper tools and software for the process
  • Determine and select components to inspect the finished parts
  • How to place the finished part on or into the output system

Some applications require that we do the Deburr directly as the part is being made on the CNC with the addition of wire wheels either inside the CNC or outside where the handling robot can reach it with the part in the end effector.

Automated chamfering is an aspect of Robotic and non-Robotic machines that JH Robotics has also had experience in.  We have designed robotic systems where the part is set into a fixture by a robot and chamfered and have also designed  systems where the part is transported into the cell, clamped, and chamfered.  From here it is released and continues to track through the system. 

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