Improved Quality

Regardless of whether you manufacture for other businesses or direct to consumers, people expect you to provide them with a high quality end product.  While many companies spend large amounts of capital on manual processes to improve or maintain consistent product quality, even the most meticulous quality control departments can suffer from one major flaw – human error.

By placing the manufacturing and production processes into the hands of an automated system, you’re removing the unknowns involved in the production line and replacing them with certainties.  Not only does a robotic process create a consistent end product time and time again, that end product can be vision checked through vision robotics that check every millimeter of the part in question.  This results in the peace-of-mind in knowing that you’ll be shipping out products that are unequivocally high quality each and every day.

How you can improve on Quality through Robotics Integration

Sensing systems such as actuators or vision robotics can be easily integrated into automation cells designed to confirm product is within the acceptable tolerances that were pre-programmed into the software that runs your robot.  Products that fail the quality analysis checks automatically pass by the inspection area to a bulk waste bin.

Automation systems can give you real-time intelligence reports that provide feedback which is key in identifying batch inconsistencies in the manufacturing process that can be corrected.  These reports can help your company increase profits and run leaner as weak points in your manufacturing line, both human and automated, are corrected.

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