Factory Automation For Alternative Energy Manufacturers

As alternative methods of producing energy become an increasing goal of consumers and governments, it is absolutely critical for manufacturers to keep pace with production demands.  For alternative energy manufacturers to not just survive, but thrive, it is imperative to increase the speed in which they are able to bring products to market.  More alternative energy manufacturers are realizing that integrating robotic cells into their production and assembly facilities are critical in achieving this speed.

Applications of robotics for alternative energy manufacturers:

Solar Cell and Water Handling

Silicon cells and solar wafer manufacturing are extremely delicate processes with very marginal room for error.  Automating the manufacturing process by integrating robotics into your manufacturing process takes the error out of human hands and creates a fast, repeatable process that can be scaled to meet with demand.

Solar Panel Robotic Assembly

Solar panel assembly can be a complex and time consuming process for a factory worker.  Robotic cells can help make your solar panel assembly process consistent and efficient.  Our specialized FANUC material handling robots can handle heavy glass panels with the greatest of ease and care for or handle very intricate circuitry testing procedures often integrated into the manufacturing process.

Wind Turbine Testing and Assembly

Fast and flexible manufacturing robotic cells allow wind turbine manufacturers to increase production and meet rigorous testing procedures.  Robotic cells can adjust quickly to product changes and new product development without manufacturers needing to spend additional capital on re-training employees.  Our line of FANUC robots can handle cutting, welding, drilling, assembly, testing, and much more for turbine blades, towers, gears and other critical wind energy components.

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