Faster Turnaround

With the pressures of increased output, maintaining quality, and demanding deadlines to be met, manufacturers need to ensure that maximum through-put is being achieved without compromising quality.  The key to maximizing your output, maintaining quality, and remaining competitive is through integrating automated tasks throughout your manufacturing process.  It is easy to identify three major areas that can be detrimental to output and it is also easy to realize how robotics can help take your manufacturing to the next level.

Process Optimization

Manual processes tend to grow and become more complex over time without any focus on efficiency or the effectiveness of a task.  Delays in process can be a killer when trying to meet demanding deadlines.  Manufacturing robots are programmed to perform each task in the most optimized method possible.  This optimization of process will often bring cycle times from minutes to seconds which lowers production times substantially throughout the lifecycle of a process.


When a new process or technique is needed by a customer in order to complete their order, much time and capital is spent training your employees.  There is often waste and trial and error associated with the training period as techniques are developed and fine tuned.  With a robot you simply need to program the task into the software once and your production line is off and running wihout incident.

Labor Standards

Let’s face it, even the most ambitious employee can only work so hard before fatigue sets in and mistakes start to be made.  In addition, many times production errors are made as shifts change and other employees take over tasks who have different methods and habits that oftentimes are reflected in the end product.  Manufacturing robots work around the clock for you company even when the lights go out at the end of the day.  They don’t call in sick and interrupt production and they most certainly won’t complain if they need to work extra hours to meet deadlines.

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