Factory Automation For Aerospace Manufacturers

For over 30 years JH Robotics has been a trusted leader in robotics integration in the aerospace manufacturing sector.  Aerospace manufacturing is unique and specialized with parts that are often mission critical and can be extremely intricate in detail or as large as several tons.  The aerospace industry was one of the first to integrate 6 axis articulated robots into the manufacturing process to ensure repeatability and quality control.

Why are more aerospace manufacturers integrating robotics into the production line?

Robots Are More Economical

Aerospace manufacturers can benefit immensely from integrating cost effective robotics into the manufacturing process. A typical 6 axis robot is much more affordable than bringing in, or developing, a custom built machine.  It’s estimated that aerospace manufacturing companies that integrate robotics rather than special machines can save up to 50% over the lifetime of the robot versus a special machine.

Flexible Applications

As compared to setting up a special machine to perform a process, setting up a robot can take a fraction of the time.  Not only is it quick, it’s also a much simpler process to change a setting or repurpose a robot to perform another task.

More Functional Workspace

All of our aerospace customers benefit by freeing up valuable workspace on the manufacturing floor by integrating robots.  Robots can be place overhead for maximum space efficiency while taking dangerous tasks such as welding and material handling out of the workers hands.

We specialize in the following processes for aerospace manufacturers:

  • Robotic Assembly
  • Robotic Machine Tending with Automatic Gauge Feedback to Compensate for Alloys that Wear Cutters Quickly
  • Vision Inspection, Guidance, and Measurement Systems
  • Multi-Axis Robotic Manufacturing Platforms
  • Automated Testing Systems
  • Material Handling

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