Press Tending Robotic Automation

JH Robotics has developed custom press tending solutions for part infeed, part transfer and racking, as well as standalone press systems.  Our fully integrated press line control systems feature advanced diagnostic systems to ensure your parts feed through the press consistently and accurately every time.  Our robotic integrators are able to take what was once a dangerous and accident prone part of the production process out of human hands while decreasing production times.

Robotic Press Tending Applications

JH Robotics has been involved in the integration of press tending robotics in a wide array of applications.  These involve the loading / unloading of product in presses ranging in size from a few ounces to over 500 tons.  We develop handling equipment with operator safety in mind first and foremost while also ensuring that your equipment itself is safe from the press.

Previous applications include the automotive industry, oil, medical, defense, and various other industries where accuracy and precison are critical to the manufacturing process.  In most cases it involves placing a green or raw part into the press, allowing the press to cycle, and then either having the same or different robot pick the finished part. Additionally the process may involve additional modifications and transporting the part away from the press and robot for downstream processing.

JH Robotics has also worked with companies in the heavy part application where pressed parts were over 2,200 degrees F and weighed in excess of 200lbs.  These applications required specially designed end effectors to handle the parts.  Many of our robotic press integrations require force sensing and data storage often to the plants existing SCADA system.

JH Robotics has designed and manufactured many of the presses that it loads and unloads as part of a turnkey system where a specialized press was required.

Additional Robotic Press Tending Advantages

  • Eliminate employee fatigue and injury
  • Flexible die change configurations
  • Floor, shelf or overhead mounting configurations
  • High speed part shuttle capabilities
  • Hand off or idle nest stations
  • Varied end-of-arm actuators include vacuums, mechanical, or magnetic
  • Integrated safety equipment to prevent press movement during load/unload

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