JH Robotics designs and builds complete automation systems.  These are turnkey lines that are capable of manufacturing, assembling, and packaging any specified product.  Our engineering staff is capable of working on your requirements from an inception concept so that the automation ultimately delivers packaged goods to your dock exactly the way you expect them.  A lead project engineer is assigned to every project and follows it through to your plant, including concepts, design, build, installation, training, warranty, and service.

In many cases, the project consists of developing several special automation machines, with or without a robot, and performing the material handling between various pieces of equipment.  Our engineers utilize this expertise in the robotics area to find the most cost-effective solutions for the automation and material handling.

Our Experience

Our robotics automation experience has ranged from a single machine to a variety of multiple machines with as many as twelve robots within a single system, for both high and low speed applications.  This application experience lends itself directly to the high quality machines and equipment that the JH Robotics team designs and builds.

Our Engineers

When you work with JH Robotics, you will work with an engineer that can assist you in every area of automation.  This is very cost effective since the robotics automation we deliver is the result of the most efficient use of all engineering disciplines.  Our engineers are cross-trained within all areas of automation from mechanical and electrical, to controls and software. JH Robotics can, upon request and contract, provide simulation for your proposed system to give you an advanced look at your system's performance and design. 

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