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JH Robotics has worked with several major Pharmaceutical companies to help them develop custom / special machines.  This gave us the experience with the strict requirements involved   with building equipment in the pharmaceutical industry.

Some Examples:
We have developed tube / connector assemblies involved with catheter systems.

We have been involved with automation of the machine tool process used to manufacture syringe mold components. These parts were robotically unloaded from the machining center and placed into the pallet trays. These palletized trays were subsequently loaded into a specialized cell designed by JH Robotics, which assembled the machined product into the mold plate. The mold plate can have as many as 18,000 parts pressed and automatically fastened into a single mold plate utilizing automatic screwdrivers with screws supplied by bowl feeders.

In another application, a robotic cell was developed to unload a pallet of test samples, open individual stoppered bottles, and then a specifically designed vibrating end effector would pour a specified amount into the test tube. The bottle was then sealed and set back into a pallet. The test tube was then picked and titrated, capped, and then mixed on a vibratory platform. This system would run continuously until all the samples in the pallet were completed.

JH Robotics has developed a Machine Tool Load / Unloader with several different medical products companies involved in the manufacturing of orthopedic fasteners.

Our experience in the Medical and Pharmaceutical industry proves useful in developing equipment and processes to ensure high quality and reliable products that meets the pharmaceutical industry standards. 

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