JHR-1000 Machine Tending Robot

The JHR 1000 Series is a pre-engineered, proven, safe and straight forward robotic machine tending cell that incorporates 25+ years of JH Robotics expertise in robotic machine tending applications. The JHR 1000 Series machine tending cell is designed to be a true mobile machine tending solution, with ease of installation and relocation designed into the system. The one-piece, welded steel base construction allows the systems to be built and tested at our facility prior to shipment to end users where they can choose to install and setup the system themselves, or contract JHR to assist with install and setup. Adaptable to new or used CNC Lathes, Mills, Grinders or EDMs.

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  • System Features
    • Pre-Engineered, Proven and Safe Robot Machine Tending Cell
    • One-piece Welded Steel Frame Construction for Simplified Install and Relocation
    • Adapts to an new or existing CNC Lathe, Mill, Grinder or EDM
    • Drastic Productivity Increases Created By:
      • Fast and Repeatable Load/Unload Times
      • Reduced Machine Down-Time
      • Lights Out Operation - Run Robot on off-shifts & weekends to get additional production not possible previously
    • Complete 3-Drawer System Included:
      • Each Drawer has a working space for parts of approx. 16" x 28" with 4" vertical clearance
      • Each Drawer holds (96) 1.5" OD Parts => (288) Parts Total
      • Drawer can be reloaded while robot works on different drawer for continuous operation
    • Custom Robot End of Arm Tooling Sub-Assembly Included with (2) high-quality, Schunk-brand Pneumatic Actuators to allow for simultaneous load/unload cycles.
    • Castors and Leveling Feet
    • Aluminum Excrusion Guarding with Lexan Panels and Interlock Sliding Doors
    • Turnkey Parts Trays and Gripper Finger Tooling Available upon request.
  • Machine Features

    FANUC LR MATE 200iD Robot, Controller & I-Pendant Features

    • The most advanced servo technology and highly rigid arm enable smooth motion without vibration in high-speed operations.
    • Slim arm minimizes interference to peripheral devices and allows operation in narrow spaces.
    • Standard arm has 717mm of reach and is included in the base system cost. Long arm option available with a 911mm reach.
    • Lightest mechanical unit in its class enables easy system integration and installation flexibility.
    • Enhanced wrist load capability of 7kg (approx. 15lbs) total for end effector and parts.
    • IP67 provides enhanced dust and water protection in harsh environments.
    • Extremely low-maintenance.
    • Two double acting solenoid valves built into the robot arm for simplified dual gripper control and air-line routing. A third valve is an available option.
    • Six inputs (24VDC) included on arm for gripper and part monitoring
    • Various intelligent features are available as an option, such as integrated iRVision (vision camera) and force sensing, plus many more.
    • R-30iB Plus Mate Controller and Robot I-Pendant included with robot arm
      • FANUC multi-axis control technology fully integrated
      • Up to 24 axes of servo control.
      • iRVision ready with integrated plug and play capability for vision-based robot guidance and basic inspection capabilities.
      • Integrated PMC processor with 28in/24 out, digital I/O included
      • Network I/O options include Ethernet I/O, DeviceNet, Profibus, FANUC I/O Link, and CC Link.
      • Ethernet Port and USB ports on controller and I-Pendant included as a standard.
      • Large memory capacity for storing a large number of programs.
      • RIA or CEMark compliant controller options standard with CSA certification available.
      • Industrial enclosure used with integrated basic system functions on the front panel.
      • 200-220VAC single-phase power (110VAC available as an option)
      • I-Pendant is used for Robot Programming and moving the robot in a safe manner. Includes built-in Touch-screen, HMI programming for basic system functions and system counters. 4D Graphics option available upon request - shows robot moving in a virtual 3D world as the system runs, imitating every real movement of the robot.
  • Machine Cost & Options

    Base System Cost: $89,500, FOB

    • Complete mechanical, electrical and software system build and testing included.
    • Pre-written robot software structure includes picking out of drawers, robotic drawer change and picking and placing from machine tool. Final points to be taught by end user for setup.
    • (6) Blank Part Trays included
    • Custom dual-actuator robot end effector included with plumbing and sensor wiring complete. Gripper Finger Tooling jaws not included.

    System Options

    • Turn-key Part Tray & Gripper Finger Tooling can be quoted upon request.
    • Turn-key Software setup and testing can be quoted upon request.
    • Slide-mounted Robot Option: $3,500
      • Sliding robot for better CNC access to change tools, maintenance, etc.
    • Robot-mounted Blow-off Option: $3,500
      • Blow-off nozzle mounted on robot end effector assembly & required valving and plumbing to use for automated part or work-holding blow-off
    • Machine Base Docking Option (for (1) machine tool): $7,500
      • Allows system to be easily removed mechanically and electrically from machine tool for maintenance or for system relocating to a different machine tool
    • Additional Machine Tool Docking Options: $4,500/each
      • Docking required beyond the initial machine tool integration
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