JHR-2000 Machine Tending Robot

  • JHR-2000- Machine Tending Robot
  • JHR-2000- Machine Tending Robot
  • JHR-2000- Machine Tending Robot
  • JHR-2000- Machine Tending Robot
  • JHR-2000- Machine Tending Robot
  • JHR-2000- Machine Tending Robot

JHR 2000 SERIES (M10iD with Vertical 4-Drawer System - holds 8 trays)

JH Robotics new family line of machine tending robots are designed to be cost competitive, with shorter turn-around time, and versatile in any atmosphere. The JHR 2000 is shown at base price and have multiple options to add and choose from.

  • System Features
    • Pre-engineered, proven and easy to use robot machine tending cell.
    • Adapts to any new or existing CNC Lathe, Mill, Grinder or EDM.
    • Featuring the FANUC M10iD/12 six axis robot with R-30iB Plus Mate Controller and Touch Screen Teach Pendant - robot mounted at an angle to optimize reach.
    • Easy to use system controls - custom JHR operator panel on the touch screen teach pendant is used for system interface and messaging.
    • Custom robot end of arm tooling sub-assembly included with (2) high-quality, Schunk-brand pneumatic actuators to allow for simultaneous load/unload cycles.
    • Pneumatic valve & sensor block added to J3 robot joint for end of arm tooling control.
    • Robot dress-out of air lines and sensor cables in the FANUC Solution Arm reduces system cost and improves reliability.
    • Extrusion guarding system with safety interlocked access doors.
      • Each drawer hold two part trays - each tray has a working space of approx. 14" x 23".
      • Three drawer positions (operator, neutral and robot) allow drawers to be emptied and reloaded while robot works on different drawer.
      • The number of drawers can be tailored per system, and will be based on the longest part length - parts longer than 4" will result in less drawers, etc.
    • Pre-written & optimized robot software structure included for picking & placing from trays and for picking & placing from machine tool. Software and HMI designed to allow end user to setup parts easily on their own.
  • System Benefits
    • Drastic productivity increases created by:
      • Fast and repeatable load/unload times
      • Reduced machine down-time - no breaks, lunches, sick days or vacation days
      • Lights out operation - run robot on off-shifts & weekends
    • Product quality improvements created by:
      • Smooth and repeatable load and unload conditions
      • Finished parts are kept separated on trays eliminating part to part contact
      • Elimination of human error
  • Specifications
    • FANUC M-10iD/12 robot - 12kg total payload, 1441mm reach
    • FANUC software options: Collision Guard, DCS Position & Speed Check & Panel Wizard
    • FANUC Terminal I/O Converter Board - includes 24Inputs/28Outputs
    • For a two-actuator gripper assembly, the robot can handle up to 7.5lb parts
    • For a single-actuator gripper assembly, the robot can handle up to 15lb parts
    • Part capacity example: each tray holds (120) 1.5" OD x 4" long parts (480 parts total)
    • Typical Machine Dimensions: 72" long x 48" wide x 102" tall
    • Utilities required for install: 208V-three phase-60Hz power, 80psi air
  • System Options
    • Turn-key Part Tray & Gripper Finger Tooling
    • Turn-key Software setup and testing
    • Robot-mounted Blow-off
    • Part Audit Chute
    • Long Arm Robot (FANUC M-10iD/10L model - 1636mm reach, 10kg payload))
    • Collaborative Robot (FANUC CR-15iA model - 1441mm reach, 15kg payload)
    • iRVision Capability (for picking randomly oriented parts or basic inspection)
    • Safety Scanner (eliminates extrusion hard guarding & access door)
    • Part Deburr
    • Part Wash/Dry
    • Part Gauging
    • Part Marking/Labeling
    • Machine Base Docking System (quick connect mechanical and electrical hardware)
    • Various Communication Protocols (FANUC I/O Link, ProfiNet, Ethernet IP, etc.)

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