As technology improves at an astounding rate, robots continue to play an important part in the world economy.  Robots are now able to perform tasks that were once unthinkable even just 10 years ago such as complicated surgeries, military combat and of course complex manufacturing tasks.  No industry has benefited more from automation than the manufacturing sector.  Industrial robots work alongside humans to perform tasks in thousands of manufacturing facilities across the United States. 

How Might Your Business Benefit if Allowed to be More Innovative?

While many Americans have feared that the integration of robots would lead to unemployment, studies and common sense have proven this idea has simply been a myth.  The fact is many companies are bringing jobs back to the United States through automation that were once only profitable to be farmed out overseas.  This has led to more profit for those companies, more growth, and more people hired to scale those companies.  As these companies grow they’re allowed to be more innovative by re-tasking fabricators who once were bogged down with mundane tasks, to tasks that require their skill and innovation to perform. 

While the US has lost many jobs to the outsourcing of manufacturing overseas over the past 20 years, the one area where we still lead the world is through innovation.  Some of the best thinkers and problem solvers in the world have come out of the United States and by allowing our ideas to remain stateside to be manufactured, we will push our innovation as a nation to an entirely new level.

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