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Why Partner with JH Robotics for your Robotics Integration Needs?

Our early efforts in the robotics area centered around designing and building small, air-powered pick-and-place robots. In the mid-90s, we became an integrator for FANUC Robotics, the world leader in robotics.  We now integrate their complete line of over 200 robot models and variations.  JH Robotics is exclusive to FANUC Robotics due to the fact that they have the largest market share, the best service, and have the highest reliability.

An Exclusive Partnership with the Worldwide Leader in Robotics

Our expertise with the FANUC line of robots allows us to integrate them in a wide variety of applications.  This expertise ranges from adding an end effector and integrating with new or existing equipment to integrating a single or series of robots into custom equipment where the robot(s) provide controls and material handling as part of a complete cell.  In every case, we do the complete job - providing you with a turnkey robotic system that meets your needs.

Additional Reason to Partner with JH Robotics

End of Arm Tooling

Our experience with robots has allowed us the ability to engineer flexible End Of Arm Tooling designs for various applications.  The EOAT or grippers at the end of the robot are an essential part of the robotic cell.  By using an array of grippers it allow you to utilize the full capabilities of the FANUC Robot.

In-House Training by Robotics Experts

JH Robotics will also train your personnel on the use of the robots - usually when you are at our facility for runoff - minimizing your costs and limiting the time your staff is away from your facility.  Training at FANUC facilities throughout the world is also available.

An Emphasis on Safety and Guarding

JH Robotics adheres to all aspects of robot placement and guarding requirements per ANSI RIA standards and always complies with OSHA requirements on all equipment, including onsite training geared towards the people who will be using the equipment.

Abiding by OSHA and RIA standards, JH Robotics prides itself on developing guarding and safety measures that keep the operator safe in various operating conditions.  These standards are used in every step of the equipment process.  From the concept phase of the design to the final testing of equipment JH Robotics engineers and employees test and run all safety measures to make sure that the operator will be safe at all times.

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