JH Robotics has experience in dispensing a variety of different materials.

In several cases a two part epoxy was utilized to bond elastomeric materials together.  This unit included a clamping system and infra-red heating for curing the epoxy all in an automated environment.

In another case, a FANUC Robot with a custom designed dispensing end effector was utilized to dispense a specific adhesive pattern onto the product.  The end effector then placed an additional part on the adhesive to form the final product.

JH Robotics has done multiple greasing systems.  Grease was dispensed utilizing heads specifically designed to lay the specified pattern onto the product.  These systems, which ran continuously, utilized large amounts of grease for which we used commercially available pressurized 5 or 55 gallon barrels with a redundant barrel for continuous dispensing during changeover.

We are experienced in designing and machining the required special components involved in these types of systems. In all cases, these were required elements of larger automation systems which JH Robotics designed, manufactured, tested, and installed.

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