Robotic Part Transfer Automation

The transferring of parts from one location to another has never been more important for today’s highly competitive and highly efficient manufacturing sector.  At JH Robotics we understand your need to remain competitive and have the expertise to automate your part transfer tasks and keep your production running with lights-out efficiency.  Our custom designed cells with integrated FANUC robots have the capability to transfer parts ranging from a few ounces to half a ton.

Automated Part Transfer Advantages

Part transfer can be a dull and tedious task and can also be injury-inducing part of the production process for human workers. By integrating robots into the parts transfer process, human workers are kept free of this hazardous environment.  In addition to making your workplace a safer environment for your employees you’ll also benefit by:

  • Increase in product quality
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Decrease in production times

Part Transfer Capabilities

New technologies such as iRVision by FANUC allow for robotic part transfer with even more precision and accuracy.  Additional automated part transfer capabilities include:

  • Advanced end-of-arm-tooling
  • Pressure sensing technologies
  • Custom accumulation tables
  • Rapid conveyor systems
  • Carousel systems
  • High speed sortation systems

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Our team of engineers, designers and integrators have the experience to successfully integrate part transfer robots into your manufacturing process.   With over 30 years of experience in the robotics industry we’ve become the experts that manufactures rely on when it comes to automation.  Call us today at 607-729-3758 or visit our online estimate form to get started on making your company more productive, more profitable, and running lean.

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