JHR-Sidekick CR7 Collaborative Robot

  • JHR-Sidekick CR7- Collaborative Robot
  • JHR-Sidekick CR7- Collaborative Robot
  • JHR-Sidekick CR7- Collaborative Robot

JHR SIDEKICK SERIES (CR-7iA Collaborative Robot with Double Rack System)

JH Robotics new family line of machine tending robots are designed to be cost competitive, with shorter turn-around time, and versatile in any atmosphere. The JHR Sidekick CR7 is shown at base price and have multiple options to add and choose from.

  • System Features
    • Pre-engineered, proven, and safe robot machine tending cell
    • Features FANUC CR-7iA/L collaborative six axis robot with R30iB Mate Plus controller and iPendant
    • Robot will stop safely in the event of contact with a human operator, allowing the system to safely operate without safety fences or sensors
    • Adapts to a new or existing CNC lathe, mill, grinder, or EDM
    • One-piece welded steel frame construction for simplified install and relocation
    • Robot can be pushed out of the way at any time with minimal force
    • 4 tray infeed/outfeed system
      • Each tray has a working space for parts of approx. 6" x 20" with 4" vertical clearance
      • One tray can be reloaded while robot works on another tray for continuous operation
    • Custom robot end of arm tooling sub-assembly included with two high quality, Schunk-brand pneumatic actuators to allow for simultaneous load/unload cycles
    • Casters and leveling feet included for stabilizing system and simplified system relocation
    • Turnkey part trays and gripper finger tooling available upon request
    • Drastically increases productivity of machine tool by:
      • Lights out operation - run robot on off-shifts and weekends to get additional machine utilization
      • Increase overall production efficiency
      • Consistent and fast machine load/unload times
      • Greatly decreases machine operator labor
  • System Options
    • Turnkey part option
      • Custom engineered gripper fingers, part trays, and programming to automate production of a part of your choice
    • Highspeed option
      • Adds an area scanner to the system which allows the robot to accelerate to faster speeds when an operator is not present
    • Robot mounted blow-off option
      • Blow-off nozzle mounted on robot end effector assembly & required valving and plumbing to use for automated part or work-holding blow-off
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