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Report Finds Majority of Manufacturers Plan on Implementing Robotics in the Next 2-5 Years

There is no doubt that competitive manufacturers need to start integrating robotics and other advanced technologies into their manufacturing operations in order to stave off foreign competition and remain competitive. What has been doubtful for some business owners is whether the cost of integration, training, and ROI is worth the effort of employing advanced technology into the production process.

Recently, SME, an organization dedicated to enhancing progress, prosperity, and strong communities through manufacturing, conducted a survey of executives, engineers, and those in supervisory capacities to find out what their future plans were regarding integrating robotics automation and other technologies into their operations.   The information they gathered sheds light on why and how manufacturers in the US plan on integrating automation into their business in the next 2-5 years.

Numerous Motivations Fuel the Growth in Manufacturing Automation

54% of respondents said they plan on adding $1 million or more in advanced manufacturing into their business over the next two years.  The reasons provided for the investment included:

  • Expansion plans
  • Efficiency
  • Ability to handle customer requests
  • Increase quality of goods
  • Ability to become more innovative

The number one motivation stated by manufacturers happened to be a goal most business have strived for since the first corporations were established in America – to remain competitive.  49% of smaller companies (<50 employees) interviewed planned on contributing $100-200k in advanced manufacturing while large operations (500 – 2500+ employees) planned on investment of $5 million or more.  Coming in at a close second to the desire of remaining competitive was “implementation of innovation due to customer requests and needs”.  78% of respondents said that innovation was a “very important” motivator in their desire to implement new technologies into production.

Benefits Experienced by Manufacturers Ahead of the Curve

Along with the desire for future investments in advanced technology, the survey also asked manufacturers what benefits they’re currently experiencing by incorporating technology into their manufacturing process.  The respondents reported the following results after employing advanced manufacturing techniques and technology:

  • Improvement in product quality/reliability
  • Improved production speed
  • Lowered production cost
  • Improved product complexity/performance

Those interviewed that were not looking to implement new technologies and manufacturing techniques into their manufacturing over the next 2-5 years provided the following reasons:

  • Cost concerns
  • Lack of technical training
  • Concern of ROI on their investment
  • Perception that these technologies don’t fit with business model

Whatever obstacle you’re looking to overcome, the team at JH Robotics can help you understand, choose, and implement automation into your facility to help make your operations more competitive, innovative and cost effective.  Call us today and let us know what improvements you feel could help you achieve your goals and objectives and our automation specialists will match your desired results with our technology to help you meet and exceed your expectations.

You can view the SME report in its entirety by clicking here.

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